Sunday, April 17, 2011

My weekend in google image search

I decided to do a weekend review in google image search. Sounded like fun!

I've been spraying Lysol since all three kiddos have some cold going on. They hate the smell.

The older two kids got to go see "Rio" with Grandma this weekend.

They really liked it and wanted to go back for more!

I did some toy purging this weekend as well. Got rid of some of

the "baby" toys, and sent them to grandmas. Got rid of junky older toys in trash. My husband made us pancakes this weekend!
I had to buy more cough medicine. I hate buying it, because I'm picky

I like to read ingredient lists and look at everything. I love mucinex but it

is really expensive!

LOL, While I was googling my image for "hair shaver" this also appeared.

This is a BACK SHAVER. Its almost scary but I had to show it off.
We shaved my youngests hair today. Hes got naturally curly hair,

and he likes to put things in his hair that don't belong in normal hair

(like lotion), and for the summer I figured short would be great. I think he

kinda looks odd. He has a veiny

Naughty momma, I hid these, and ate some

while I watched my tv
This is what I've been watching on netflix lately! I'm only on

season one.

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