Sunday, April 24, 2011

our easter weekend

As I stated in my last entry, my oldest had a choir spring concert, and it looked like this outside. I was not pleased to say the least. Everything else was cancelled but the show

MUST go on. It was a really nice concert but still...snow? in april? and ice? I"ll pass.

This is a picture of my oldest dressed up for the spring concert. My middle daughter felt the need to also dress up. My third born was going to stay home. And not cooperate with the picture.

Us girls, posing for a picture.

Dying easter eggs. My husband found these "no spill" kits at Walmart. You put the egg in and take it out in the same container without spilling...much... it was worth the 4 dollars.

The kids dying eggs with my father in law. He visits quite often and does the fun stuff with the kiddos. Which is totally ok with me.

Very nice eggs, huh? My youngest tried to be adult like and carry the carton to the fridge for us. Luckily they are hard Cause they rolled all over the floor!

Then we had our "easter" at my mom's house on Saturday. The following picture is of my three kiddos and my two nieces who are utterly beautiful, in my opinion. This is one of the better pictures. We took quite a few trying to get all 5 to look

The Easter Bunny left baskets at home this morning, full of kites, bubbles, chocolate rabbits and other fun things. The kids really enjoy bubbles. We have alot of bubble stuff at our house actually. A little more doesn't hurt.

Easter aftermath. I'm NEVER buying easter grass again. I've had to vaccumm like 5 times today and I swear that the poor vaccumm was hollerin at me the last time because of all the easter grass it kept finding. When I did laundry today I found more easter grass in the dryer! ugh!

Then after the easter baskets and the wolfing down of the candy, we went to the park to play and try to fly the kites that nice easter bunny left .

We also took a walk while we were there, and found this beautiful bridge to take some pretty serious pictures on.

We also did some running, jumping, racing up and down the bridge. Just glad all that snow and ice had melted and parted us some sun as well.

Well, at least all three stood in one spot for a picture this time.

This is my dirt magnet. He hates being dirty, but it always finds him.

Then we came home and found out there were some pretty big puddles of water/mud in the back. You know how kids and puddles are...They happily splashed for like an hour.

Ran and splashed....and ran some more.

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