Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturdays post

well I was going to post this later, but here in the cheese state, we're supposed to get really bad weather so I figured I"d write it before all chaos broke loose..or you know what hits the fan. Today turned out really nicely. We went to my mom's house while they were gone for a while to play outside. We live in an apartment and most of it is muddy behind our garage so I took them to my parents house to play in non-mudded areas for a while. It was in the 40's there and really windy at my mom's because she lives on top of a hill. We ened up going inside her house for a while whilt the kids I mean played. The dog and I cuddled on the couch for a while. By the time they came home, the temperature had improved so we played outside a bit. I had to run to the grocery store and I did it sans kids. Sometimes its nice just going to places like grocery stores alone. But I was gonna pick up ice cream AND I FORGOT. Thinking about going back once the kids are in bed. Maybe..I stil have to put the van in the garage before long, because otherwise the storms will do damage. That's how bad they're talking about. So I can't forget to do that, but I probably will. Because I tend to forget those important things...and other things like doctors appointments, school appointments, etc. I"m not sure what went wrong with my brain, but after 3 kids, certain information will not stay in my brain. Tonight after suppoer we took the kids out back to play. Not more than outside 15 minutes, Jax fell in one of the puddles of mud. Like belly flopped in it and I laughed really loud. He came up to me, wiping his hands on my pants and taking his shirt off, and going RIGHT back to playing. So some of my pictures have him half naked. Like that's anything really different around here???? So most of my children now are really tired from playing outside. Jax has once again fallen asleep not in his bed. Last night he fell asleep on the couch next to Jace, who was playing wii. Tonight its on the floor in Jace's room while Jace watches Big Time Rush. I'm actually tired myself but I'll probably read my kindle once the kids are all asleep.

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