Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday is closer to the weekend!

The weather has been absolutely BEAUTIFUL here . Over the weekend we were blessed with good weather and spent much of that time outside. We were forecasted to get really bad storms, and a record breaking outbreak of tornadoes, however thankfully for us, they went north a bit and all we really got were nasty looking skies and some rain. So we spent some time outside , and then also at a park near my oldest's school. My kids love being outside. I'm afraid my youngest somehow, though he HATES being dirty, is a dirt magnet. Go figure huh? This week we've also been blessed with more beautiful weather, so we've been hanging out outside. We DO live in an apartment, however, our "backyard " behind our garage is where we play. theres blacktop and grass, and our neighbor's dog LOVES our kids so she comes out to visit as well. However, the weatherman has said now the warmth will go away probably for the rest of the week! Boooo weatherman! Rain/snow(yup) mix to come and rainy and cold. great. Just as the kids are USED to playing outside again? come on!
Here is my daughter at story hour last week.

She made a rocketship, after a book they read.

My youngest blowing bubbles this weekend while it was nice out. This is what happens when your 2 year old lotions his hair. yup. Twice. ugh. My super sleepy younger two after a car ride. Of course my dirt magnet is shiny from the lady at the bank who gave him a sucker.

My older two,(it depends what grouping they're cause sometimes Bellas in the "younger

two and sometimes she's in the older two) at the park this weekend before the rain started

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  1. I hope next week brings you beautiful weather. It looks like you got out and did lots of fun things!