Monday, April 4, 2011


Bear with me, I"m doing a little blog rennovation lately. Haven't you ever logged into your blog and thought "ugh... something needs changing!"??? Well tonight it got to me so I"m working on my header, and some of my side bars. If I could figure out how to customize the backround I would. But seeing as I"m not smart at that type of thing, it will probably be a premade one, which isn't bad but I like different things. So those of you who follow me, just stay tuned. Happy monday!


  1. Hi...I think your blog is cute. What are you looking to change? I go through my phases with being happy and unhappy with my layout...I gotta stop comparing:)

  2. well I just want something more unique. I love the orangy backround but I think finding someone who can customize it somehow to my liking would be lovely. I have a great friend who does this type of thing so I'm trying to work something out.