Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursdays thoughts

1. The snow is melting from Tuesdays springs storm. I'm not sure what Mother Nature has up her butt, but I"d like her to remove it. Just because she's upset doesn't mean she has to unleash like 2-3 inches of snow/rain/freezing rain/hail on us in one night. Especially after the wonderful weather we HAD been having. But such is Wisconsin for you. One weekend tornado warnings, the next winter weather warning...

2. We did our easter basket shopping tonight. Actually we went today the husband and I , and ended up kinda having this fight about things and ended up turning around and coming home WITHOUT anything. We thankfully did resolve it and ended up finding some excellent goodies, Kites, bubble wands, chocolate bunnies,....etc, you get the picture. Did you know they make edible easter grass now? huh. What? you're NOT supposed to let anyone injest the regular kinds?lol...

3. My 2 year old napped in the car today, on the first trip for easter basket stuff(aka the fight). and when he naps, he's a handful at night time. Now that he's in a toddler bed, he feels the need to excercise his rights to move freely throughout the house. He excercises his rights to find other children in their beds and cause chaos. He excercises his rights to try to sneak past one or another parent here to just run around and reek havoc. He's always excercising his right to say "no!" when we nicely ask him to get back in bed. Then he becomes beligerant and causes much noise, that we have to take him into the living room until he can become quieter and then go back to his bedtime routine. Honestly, he doesn't nap often. But he's done so twice this week and tonights been no picnic.

4. I"m hungry, but I don't want to run to the grocery store...again. I've been there once today, and it was filled with pre-easter hell raising shoppers. The kind that wait until last minute to do their holiday meal shopping and therefore run through the store, cranky and apparently forgetting their manners. This is why I like going during the day, when these people are usually at work. But today? nope. And lines are long and this frustrates people even more. Or if its going to snow OMG RUN TO THE GROCERY STORE AND BUY AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. Its wisconsin, this happens all the time. People panic and its quite stupid.

5. We bought "Tangled" tonight. Popped it in the dvd player(gah I almost said VCR!) in our room, got the kids blankets and pillows and snacks and let them lounge on our bed. Until my 2 and 4 year old ticked eachother off enough that a war broke loose and I had to say things like "Get your toes out of your sisters hair" and "no don't slap him, I don't care if he slapped you first and I didn't see"...and "What did I just say? " and "I'm going to take this movie back to the store if you don't lay down" to which my 4 year old says "but its night time and the store is closed" Outsmarted by a 4 year old. Needless to say, I've caught a few glimpses of the movie and I saw her hit the prince/guy with a frying pan, then the next time I peeked at it, she was shoving prince/guy into the wardrobe, then the next time, she was hitting said prince/guy with a vase. I"m like..what? what is she doing this for, poor guy? then I forgot to watch the rest . But Kudos to disney for bringing in the violence????

6. I'm still watching "army wives" on netflix. I'm quite addicted to that. After my monsters- i mean children are sleeping soundly I go out to the living room and watch this. And usually text my friends I haven't spoken to since that morning. We have our morning text chats and our evenings. lol. I have to turn the ringer down on my texts cause my husband can hear them in our room where he's playing online and he gets annoyed.

7. I craved pancakes all day. ALL DAY. I'm not sure why thats important to write down tonight, but we just had them this weekend. I"m also craving sour cream and onion potatoe chips. If I do make a store run, it will be out to the gas station, where they have really good chips, their own "brand" and really good. But I dont feel like running out and my husband probably don't either I"ll whine enough and he'll go or I'll just do it cause he won't break down and go...ugh .

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