Sunday, January 9, 2011

favorite pics lately.

This is my oldest. I had to ask him like 5 times to smile "decently" for a picture.
I got this.

Bella doing what she does best. Artsy stuff.. paint by water books are her fav lately.

see? Don't worry about how she's dressed. She picks her own clothes lately.
which is a HUGE improvement from running around in her unders.

Jax has a love for pineapple rings. Only you gotta cut them up.
I bought pineapple chunks once. He hated them.

Hes my fish. He loves the tub.

1 comment:

  1. Cute photos!!! :)

    I use to absolutely LOVE colour by water books..they were SO COOL! Well, until your brother would dump all of your water on them because he was mad. Then they kinda sucked. haha!

    That's SO funny about the pineapple..LOL! As if! It's funny though..because what else do people use pineapple rings for whole? Most of the time I buy pineapple rings and then cut them up too..but rarely will I get the chunks..even if I KNOW that I'm using them to cut them up...weird!