Wednesday, January 26, 2011

still around.

I'm still around. Its been kinda crazy here.
As usual.
I"m going to do "more about me" type post here soon too.

My new years resolution is working out fine here, to post more, to write more... perhaps to get more followers though that never was my true intention. I'd like to have more followers although I"m not a pushy person and really just like to write.

My children are crazy. I think I chased my 2 year old around today going "where is your clothes" and "why are you naked" and " I JUST put your clothes BACK on" and "Oh my, its bath time again"..for the zillion times it came outta my mouth. I"m exhausted.

so we're just making supper now. and I"ll clean for the zillionth time after that. The floors, boy do they need scrubbing but it won't happen until AFTER the children are in bed for the 3 year old diva likes to "Help"..which means she likes to commendere the bucket of soapy water(yes I wash by hands, on hands and knees) and she tells me when I can and cannot have the bucket. and when I can and cannot scrub, so this turns into a mini war in my head as I"m kinda anal about how things are done and in what order. We can't even bring the windex and paper towels out during the day anymore....

more later.

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