Thursday, January 20, 2011

what have we been up to?

What have we been up to? This 2 year old has been up to taking
more photos of himself. They're kinda artsy.
We've been watching some Dora. Lots of Dora. In this chair. So no
one else can see the tv. This usually doesn't last long and starts a fight.

This guy has been busy at school. He comes home and unwinds Mario style.

This momma has been busy organzing cupboards. Can we say boring? everyone together now.
I have a stash of Macncheese since it was onsale. As well as noodles.
One never knows when you may need either one. Its gotten so bad my macncheese addiction
that my friend sent me a text message/picture while she was at target tonight, with a macncheese sale. Wow huh?

This is what it looks like when you form your own chaingang in your house.
No really, this is what happens when a certain 2 year old uses his artist talents and
everything is his drawing board. This is the way we wash the walls, wash the walls, wash the walls. Only it doesn't bother them. You get out the windex and paper towel and much glee
happens at our house..why? Not sure.

Between Mr.Mario playing the wii, and netflix, this thing gets used. Alot.
Finished up the "Mercy " season 1. Now onto "secret life of an american teenager"
this is what happens when you wrestle with a 2 and 3 year old, windex and paper towels.
You watch teenage drama to feel better.

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