Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wordy Wednesday

This is Bella's "bear bear". She picked it out from walmart many years ago(not that it can be THAT many since she's 3.5 years old) for 5 dollars and for that price I thought "if she never looks at it again, at least its only 5 dollars lost right?" . She loves that darned bear. She went through this band-aide phase where she doctored up dear Bear bear with band-aides. Hence the chunk of aqua blue-ish something or other on his head. Its been washed twice and it hasn't come off. I give that company two thumbs up. If I were a teddy bear who needed a strong band aide, then THAT is the company I"m choosing for sure.
Anyways, there is a story to the madness, not just because they're both cute. Yesterday in a fit of madness..three year old madness that is, she whipped poor Bear bear into the tub. A tub full of water...from their just taken late afternoon bath.
She told me "Momma, don't go into the bathroom".
That's when the signals go off in your brain right?
So I said "why?"
Bella says "Oh nofing".
I go in there and shes screeching like a banshee behind me.
Poor Bear bear, who I did not get a picture of him floating(somewhat)face down like a drowned... rat..bear? I took him out, rang him out and put him in a towel to let dry. Bella automatically felt the terrible guilt associated with Bear bear neglect and attempted drowning of a bear, and sobbed in great diva like style. So mommy promised by the next day Bear bear would be dry. (crossed fingers I did)
well this morning she remembered and brought him to me, kinda mostly dry but smelling horrid! So while she was at grandmas today I washed and dried that bear with some laundry and it smells better. However she was greatly traumatized when she realized I pulled him outta the dryer. But she gleefully brought him around showing her brothers how good he smelled now.
so we conquered one great tragedy today... two year old is on a "lets wreck everything" mission.. More to come on that later!


  1. Hey Kasie
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  2. Oh no! Not BEAR neglect! What a funny little story!