Sunday, January 9, 2011

Our weekend

Our weekend was pretty laid back. The two younger ones were still on antibiotics for their bronchitis although you'd never know they had been sick. I chase my two year old son around because he's into everything. He's learned to push chairs up to things and attempt things like doing the dishes.
Which resulted in a flood on the kitchen floor.

He also likes to turn the tub on and off if he can get in the bathroom. Hes two and smart but he hasn't quite learned how to open doors yet. And I'm ok with that. He's independent enough, I don't need him running away from home just yet. I think that comes at age 3, if I'm not mistaken.

And he has an infinate love for the refridgerator. Yes we've bought a lock for it. Yes, he mastered it and then broke it. He likes to pull random things out and try to gnaw through the packages if we refuse to open them. Sliced cheese looks real gross after he's attempted to eat it through the plastic.

The middle child, my daughter, she's got a hearing problem I beleive. Because every time I ask her to do something, she just doesn't hear it. She goes on doing whatever it is she was doing and though I repeat myself, several times mind you, she doesnt hear me. Until I bug her enough where I must annoy her where she yells "NO!" at me. Then I have to apologize for inconviencing her. My bad, I apologize. This is why I have many nicknames for her. Since she was born I've called her the "beast". People used to tell me I was bad for it. They tried saying "oh shes fussy, she's a girl, maybe shes got a bit of colic, shes going through a bad phase" nope. that's how she was born. Fierce and complicated. I love her to death but she honestly wears me out. When she's overtired and cranky, you can't even look at her.

Tonight I believed (dumb me of course) she was in brushing her teeth when I realized she was too quiet. She came out covered in shaving cream. D'OH!

My oldest, lately has a love of all things either Mario(from super mario brothers) or tornados. He's got quite the combo going there I tell ya. Either he plays the characters from super mario brothers or he makes his brother and sister play tornado. Tonight we watched some documentaries on netflix about tornados. He's convinced a tornado is an upsidedown triangle that sucks things into it but doesn't hurt anyone.
He also apparently isn't good at history. The other morning we were watching the news and the President of the United States came on and he says "Mom do you know who that is?" and being the nice mom I said "no who is that" He says (and I truly truly quote) "Abraham Licoln".

LOL! I had to really keep from busting out laughing and I felt bad correcting him because he would have wanted proof and I was impressed that being 7 he knew that name so I said "awesome honey"... I couldn't burst his bubble..he's so not a morning person. Neither am I which makes mornings real interetsing at our house.


  1. Oh my gosh! It sounds like you have your hands full with the little one..perhaps that means he'll be a REALLY easy teenager?! That's how it works..right? Except for me...I was just super easy ALL of the time ;) haha!

    I use to get SO freaked out when I would be somewhere in the house doing something and my girls that I was a nanny for were elsewhere and I couldn't hear them...if I could hear them I knew that they were a) alive and b) not doing anything they were trying to hide from me..when the house went silent I would always get freaked out, start running and grab the fire extinguisher with me. THEY WERE 7, 10 and 13!!!!

    And LOLOLOLOLOLOL! about the Abraham Lincoln thing...TOO KILLS me what kids say..LOL!

    Sounds like quite the crew you have - never a dull moment!!

  2. I featured you on my blog today: