Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy new year

As its a new year. This year I vow/pledge to do more writing about our adventures so its just not all pictures, although the pictures are nice.
The new year has entered quietly into our house which is wonderful, nothing of new or huge suprise. We started out our new year with hardly NO snow on the ground! We had a rainstorm new years eve and it warmed up to the 40's (yes here in the cold cheese state we consider 40 warm) and took all our snow away. Although Brian Gotter the weatherman says we should get a dusting or about 1 inch of snow overnight. We haven't been able to go sledding or play outside since its been so wet and mucky out. That's no fun at all!
Jace started back to school today , Bella woke up with a cold/fever and Jax is just his usual happy self, who actually slept in until about 9am! Why is it that on the days we HAVE to get up, he sleeps in but during vacation, he was up at the butt crack of dawn every day?
I'll hopefully get some new pics up soon!

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  1. Sometimes photos tell the best story! :) Being a mom is the hardest job I can think of...I always use to say that and KNOW it..but after being a nanny (aka pretend mother..) for three girls (ahh!! and three RIDICULOUSLY SPOILED and CRAZY girls ((that I LOVE))) and now living with a newborn..I think that I understand as much as I can without ACTUALLY having my own children just how hard it is...I tried to blog while I was a nanny..and was somewhat successful..but it was hard work because I was always exhausted or doing homework or putting out fires or taking kids here, there or I can totally understand how it`s hard to find the time and energy to write! Photos definitely do a great job of filling in the blanks!

    I found it hard to keep up all of the time when I was a nanny and there was still the mother, a maid, a gardner, a handyman, etc. etc. etc. to do all of the OTHER things around the hosue..I was almost exclusively ONLY in charge of the children..and THAT was beyond draining! So kids + housework, laundry, gardening, bills, etc. etc. etc. - holy crazy! I give huge props to all those dedicated mommy bloggers out there because I love being able to read about their cute stories and see their photos :)