Thursday, January 6, 2011

sickness update

So today , I decided to take the two younger ones to the doctor. Last night Bella started with this uncontrollable cough that lasted for hours. We did our usual string of medications, the mucinex(which is expensive if they don't have the generic but usually works WONDERS), albuterol inhaler, vics vapo rub on front and back of torso, tyelnol/ibuprofen rotation and then I did the hot shower/steam into cold air thing and nothing was working.
So I posted on facebook how I was clueless as I"ve tried all my tricks and she was STILL coughing like a mad-woman. So someone or two suggested honey. I didn't have honey, its not something our family eats at all, so luckily my mom had some so off in the van I went. Luckily she only lives up the street so I was back in a flash. It did seem to work for a few hours with everything combined I believe and then it was back up at 2am, then 5am, and I was one tired Momma this morning!
I took them to the local doc this morning and Bella has bronchitis, so she's on zithromax and Jax has the start of bronchitis and the start of an ear infection so he got amoxicillian! So that's wonderful!
And being that Bella was up half the night coughing her lungs up, shes not really in a brilliant mood to say the very least. She went with me to the pharmacy and told me in front of five people how I was bossy and rude and I was getting a time out when I got home!

So we got home and gave the two their antibiotics, ibuprofen and cough medicine. I also started them on a daily vitamin since cold/flu season hits our house quite frequently during these cold Wisconsin months. Jax just had tonsilitis the week prior to christmas. So we're on round two of the doctors office visits!

Hopefully it doesn't hit our last and final child yet. Jace has a slight cough but has been mostly ok! He usually gets it the worst even though he had his tonsils and adnoids out 2 years ago!
pictures to come later!

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  1. Oh wow! Sounds like cold and flu season has hit you guys hard! Goodluck getting everyone back to their normal healthy selves!!!

    When I was sick when I was little my parents would always make me a `hot lemon` which was basically just boiled water with lemon juice and would soothe my throat and make me calm and I always just felt better after having one! I always wanted a hot drink to feel better..but hated tea and those this was perfect! That, and I love lemon flavoured ANYTHING..haha! Great drink on a cold day even if you`re NOT sick..I think I just justified going and making myself toes are cold..haha!