Friday, February 4, 2011

tv junkie

Tv junkie..who me?
Not so much as "omg I gotta watch this show on this day at this time" type person.
I netflix. alot.
I also love watching seasons of things on dvd if I can't find them on netflix.
When my husband and I were first dating I bought him season 1 of Smallville on dvd. We started watching it together and got hooked. We refuse to watch it on tv and buy the dvd series when it comes out in stores.

We've also done that with Bones, although the last season was on netflix so that was awesome. Lets see what other series do we do that with? Star Trek, we own the whole season with Cpt Janeway. I don't remember really what the true title is. As geeky as I think some of these things sound, I enjoy them. We did ER for a few seasons that we recieved as gifts. On netflix I started Mercy, which is about nurses and me BEING a nurse, really really enjoyed that. I finished season 1 and am very anxiously awaiting season two to pop out sooner or later.

I got into Weeds, which I"ve never used drugs in my life but I thought I'd give it a shot since it was recommended by a friend of mine. Its not a real practical show but it shows how this upper class mom, her husband dies suddenly and she's left with all the costs of living with those huge bills so she starts selling pot to friends, family, other "upper" class parents and people like that. Its kinda a funny twist thinking about how many people could possibly be into that stuff . Its one of those series that I watch after the kids go to bed, as its soooo not children friendly. lol.

we also enjoy (drawing a blank here....ugh ! I hate it when my memory fails me) ugh its about the Witness protection program, brain blank here... but its good. LOL...

I also got into "the secret life of the american teenager"..I watched it on tv alot and found that netflix again had the seasons I missed.

my tv time at night is like my relax , quiet, chill time. If my hubby doesn't watch something with me, its my mommy time. I tune into a show or movie on netflix and watch whatever my heart desires!

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