Tuesday, February 22, 2011


My lovelies..posing nicely for once.
Goofing around of course but I thought without much effort
it turned out really well.
About two weeks ago my husband bought me a Kindle. I have been in
Kindle love ever since. I have read many books...as I"m a huge reader. My
most recent read "fat, forty and fired". It was really good!
We set up his big boy bed finally. He had gotten this as a gift for his 2nd
birthday in December but we've been trying to decide when the
right time was. Really there was no right time. The crib he was in was
from my first and second child. Therefore it was about 8 years old.
And ready to fall apart from the many years of jumping..lol.He did really well!

This is my doctor. He loves playing doctor. Maybe
he has a bright future ahead of him?

This picture just strikes me as funny. Bella is my drama queen.

She tends to wind up at the drop of a hat.I think she was mad

because I told her she had to share her toys with her brother

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  1. Cute kiddos! Found you through a discussion on blogfrog. I didn't join in on the conversation because it was quite heated and I tend to get passionate about politics! I am a Madison, WI mom so the discussion seems almost personal.
    Thanks for your comments on there though!