Monday, February 7, 2011

monday monday.....

This past Saturday, my husband and I took a one night mini vaca
from the children. It was much needed and lots of fun. Look at all our snow!

This one here. ... My other half, she had much anxiety about me coming home.
She and her siblings stayed at grandmas house. She was fine until the next morning where
she pursued much drama and attitude. My mom said she'd sit by the window and bawl.

This one here... missed both his father and I. However he's laid back and enjoyed
his time. He also enjoyed a nice bubble bath when he got home. But then again
that's just him. He's my fish.

This one here is pretty lived in at grandmas house. He's never been a clingy child, nor has
he EVER had that whole attatchment issue. He'd go with anyone anywhere. I think I have
more anxiety leaving my children than any of these three do. He hopped outta the van that day
on saturday, I barely got out and he's like "bye mom, see you tomorrow!" These glasses are also stunning from his 100th day of school!

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  1. Awww..glad you got to get away..even if only for a little bit! :) Isn't it funny how kids can all be so drastically different from each other, yet still share so much DNA and be raised in the same environment..the differences always amaze me! :)