Thursday, February 3, 2011

its early Friday

Its early Friday morning, 1:34am to be exact. Its not abnormal for me to be up at this hour, having to get up at 630am to get one kid up and dressed for school. And being that my oldest and I are neither morning people or perky morning people proves mornings in this house is NOT fun.

I found my camera, the one I stated lost on last post. Just today. Like around 3pm. After I lost my cellphone. My dead cell phone, you know, the one you can't call to figure out its whereabouts? Yeah that one.

We had looked EVERYWHERE for my camera. I was crushed, making sob like comments on facebook about the end of the world basically, how my day was horrible, how I had looked everywhere and how my day basically just sucked.*snickers* It truly was the end of the world, as my camera is almost my bff. Sad as that may be..its true. I kept looking at my dear children and thinking "wow I could take a pictuer of that...IF I HAD MY CAMERA". and then the cell went missing. We hunted and hunted, asked the two year old the typical questions "where is momma's phone, her hello?" and he'd point excitedly and lead us in this exciting chase to perhaps find his lovely(his blanket)...or his ball...or his sisters baby. We had about given up. I posted on facebook how now my camera AND MY CELL was lost. My DEAD CELL. oh the horrors.

then my husband said "there can only be one place it can be after all this" and looked under our entertainment center of the living room amd LO AND BEHOLD..both things settled in there quite far back where only little pudgy two year old fingers could get.


crisis averted.

however I did find lots of blurry pictures, of my smiling 2 year old son. Cracking up, like leading me on a hunt of all the pictures he left me. I haven't uploaded them yet but they're too funny. He even makes his own videos on my camera. Sweet but really, no matter WHERE I put my things, he gets into them. Maybe I should start hiding them in his bed. where he'd never look? haha.

after I get some sleep, which I don't feel is near at all, cause I"m wide awake... tomorrow night is my friends birthday party. Today, actually yesterday thursday was my 5 year wedding anniversary! FIVE WHOLE YEARS.

whew. five...huh. we didn't do gifts or anything. this weekend we're getting away by ourselves. OUR FIRST TIME BY OURSELVES WITHOUT ALL THREE KIDS EVER.

I"ll try to take some new pics friday. Hence the wedding pics above.

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