Friday, February 25, 2011

freak the freak out

You ever hear that song "freak the freak out"?? Its a nickelodeon song by Victoria Justice.Shes so pretty and very talented! The song gets stuck in my head frequently, and its kinda catchy.

We haven't been doing a lot of exciting things lately. We're recovering from another snowstorm from sunday night. Monday schools were cancelled and it was still snowing so we were once again stuck inside. I know being from Wisconsin, thats just how our winters are, but I'm really sick of snow, cold, slush, ice, and boots, hats, mittens and snowpants. I'm tired of bundling everyone up everytime we have to run a simple errand. I'm tired of finding lost mittens and hats and boots. I'm just done with the cold. Bring on spring please!

We went bowling this afternoon as there was no school and Grandpa had stopped by. Last time just my husband and I took them bowling and it was a bit of a struggle dealing with three kids on two adults. We wanted it fair this time. however it wasn't as bad because they understood more this time.

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