Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blizzard warning!

Right now we're under a blizzard warning, here in the cheese state! Schools had a two hour delay this morning which I believe was rediculous because of the fact the worst was going to come during the time THEY WERE TO GET OUT OF SCHOOL. But we did the late start and got home safely.

Winds picked up around 4pm. I had to venture out to the local grocery store even though I was there yesterday, we somehow ended up needing more milk. The store is only like a half mile away and it was a quick trip.

Schools have already been cancelled for tomorrow(Wednesday) so that' s good. At least they did it ahead of time. Our school district tends to hold on until last possible minute. I can't imagine those people who rely on day care and what not so they can work, and find out schools cancelled at last minute or late start and then if they don't have day care, try to figure out rather quickly what the heck to do with their children!

I was going to try to get pictures but alas my camera has been taken hostage, I"m pretty certain by a 2 year old photographer in the making. Usually I"ll just have to ask him where the camera is and he tootles away, and comes back with it. Today/tonight seemed either I've annoyed him by asking him where Momma's camera is(or he calls it his "cheese" )or he just doesn't remember.

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