Wednesday, February 9, 2011

wednesdays words

1.cold....BRRRRRRR ITS been really really cold here. This morning the wind chills made it -22 below. That's just crazy. I"m the type of person who clings to fresh air. As in the windows being open at least a least in our bedroom. But when the window is FROZEN SHUT... I kinda get anxious. Tomorrow morning? same wind chill advisory but now saying -30 below. uh huh. its like the song "Turdy point buck".

2. freezing. Its freezing in my house/apartment. we cranked the heat to make it actually work. The thermostat is a bit of a cranky thing and only seems to work for my husband. So I freeze my tail off until he gets up. But usually we dont' have the heat on up in here cause its ok. but when the wind chill gets this low we have to, just to take the chill out. Before with the heat off, it was like 72 in here. which is actually on the low side of temps for this apartment. Thankfully we do have "Free heat" in these apartments but still...

3. cough: our house can get rid of it any time now. I have a drama queen middle daugther who detests any kind of medicine. and its a gamble trying to get it in her. my other two have a slight cough. I Think we live at the peds office during these winters..ugh!

4. noses: our noses constantly seem to be running..along with #3.

5. chocolate: I ate chocolate today. Which really isn't that unusual but

6. annoyed: I'm annoyed when I have to send my son out in the morning to go to school when its -20-30 below.

7. tired: being sick, I actually just laid around most of the day. I didnt sleep a whole lot but I"m hoping to get decent sleep tonight.

8. flannel : sheets that the only way to go in winter around here. Unless you have a heated blanket..ugh I Need one!!!

9. hot: which is usually what I"m complaining of being. But when I"m sick, I can't get warm enough!

10. sweater: is what I need to go put on.

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